About the Yellow-eyed Penguin Trust


In the 1980s the little Yellow-eyed Penguin or Hoiho was in dire straits. Predators and a lack of suitable breeding sites had decimated its numbers. In 1987 Dunedin conservationists formed the Yellow-eyed Penguin Trust with the aim of saving the penguin by restoring coastal forest. The Trust has a comprehensive coastal conservation programme – measures include: habitat restoration, predator control, research projects, threats, nursery and education.

Thanks to the dedicated and hardworking people from the Yellow-eyed Penguin Trust, with Mainland’s help, the Yellow-eyed Penguin has found its way into new breeding sites and into the homes, hearts and minds of all New Zealanders.

Mainland has been supporting the Yellow-eyed Penguin Trust’s efforts to save the Yellow-eyed Penguin for over 24 years; making it the country’s longest running corporate environmental sponsorship. The association between Mainland and the Trust has become much more than just another sponsorship arrangement; it has become a very special relationship, through the barcode redemption scheme.