Size Available: 200g

Mainland Havarti is a firm, soft textured Danish style cheese which is easy to grate, cut and melt, it has a slightly nutty flavour. 

Havarti has fantastic melting qualities which makes it great for grilling and baking. It is the ultimate melt for a toasted sandwich or burger, it’s great as a topping for pasta dishes or the perfect base for fondues. 

It’s a great cheese for your cheese board as it’s mild flavour is a crowd pleaser which works well with a range of pairings. The mild flavour of Havarti is great with robust flavours like pesto and chilli. In Denmark Havarti is often flavoured with caraway, dill, basil, chives or red peppers. 

To store rewrap cheese in it's packaging and store in a tight container or plastic wrap. If using plastic wrap don't wrap it too tight as the cheese needs to breath. 

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