Taste The Difference

Semi-soft Yellows

Edam is a cheese of Dutch origin. It is reduced fat (25% less than standard cheddar) with a fresh, light, clean and slightly more delicate flavour. Edam has excellent melting properties ideal for many cooked dishes. It’s great as a snack, in savouries or salads. It slices easily and smoothly without crumbling.

Colby is a smooth, soft bodied cheese with elastic texture and mild flavour. It is an all-purpose everyday cheese and is recommended for all cooking requirements – especially when the cheese is to be subjected to heat (in bread, pizzas, as filling or a topping). With its higher moisture content, Colby is ideal for grilling, producing a consistent melt with minimal browning.

Mozzarella is a mild, Italian style cheese that is boiled and stretched to give it a stretchy quality when melted onto pizza or used fresh.


Many still think of cheddar as New Zealand’s iconic cheese. Cheddars are hard cheeses with little moisture content and a crumbly texture. Cheddar has always been popular in Britain (it was named after the village of Cheddar in Somerset) and was the first variety to be adapted to a standard and regular method of manufacture. So it was not surprising that it was the first cheese to be made out here. Cheddar keeps very well (and actually improves with age, unlike some other cheeses), which is essential for it to survive a lengthy journey to markets on the other side of the world. The sheer efficiency with which NZ factories turn out cheddar should be a source of national pride, especially as much of our most sophisticated technology has been developed in NZ itself.

Mild Cheddar cheese has a delicate flavour, with a smooth firm texture. It has a fresh nutty and slightly savoury aroma.

Tasty Cheddar is a firm, aged cheddar matured for up to 12 months to develop a full-­‐bodied flavour. Tasty has a coarse, slightly crumbly texture. Ideal for cooking, sandwiches, and salads.

Light cheddar has 30% less fat than standard cheddar -­ earning it the National Heart Foundation’s tick of approval. It has a mellow flavour and a soft texture ideal for cooking, salads and soups.

Smoked Cheddar is an Aged cheddar cheese with a subtle wood smoke flavour. Our Mainland smoked cheddar comes in a regular block.

Egmont Cheddar is a unique smooth cheddar-­style cheese with a slightly nutty flavour. Perfect for cooking, and baking. Egmont has a delicious cheddar flavour with an excellent melt – the number one choice for your favourite cheesy dishes.

Vintage Cheddar is aged for up to 24 months. Firm textured, premium cheddar – matured for up to 18 months to produce a strong, sharp, flavoursome cheese that’s rich in taste with a coarse, flaky texture.

Epicure Cheddar is a strong, and flavoursome cheddar with a crumbly texture. Carefully matured for up to 3 years, Epicure is often characterised by small white crystals that form naturally. This is the sign of a full flavoured cheddar with an excellent intensity of flavour.


Parmesan is a very hard, dense cheese, pale whitish yellow in colour with a mature sharp flavour. Parmesan has a rich deep taste, which gives it a pleasant sharpness with no bitter aftertaste. Ideal as a flavoursome garnish to pastas and other Italian dishes.


Mainland produces a Vegetarian Edam cheese that has a microbial rennet as opposed to calves’ rennet.