Our Range

Our Range

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Aged Cheese

Mainland Aged Cheese has a distinct flavour developed during maturation.



Mainland Natural Cheese blocks come in different sizes to suit everyone.



Mainland Natural Butter is made from all-natural ingredients. It's the pure butter taste we all know and love.

Mainland Egmont Grated

Grated Cheese

With all the flavour and performance of natural cheeses, grated cheese has many benefits.

Mainland Swiss Natural Cheese Slices

Sliced Cheese

Mainland’s pre-sliced natural cheese comes in a convenient handy pack size, in a variety of flavours.


Snacking Cheese

Mainland’s range of Cracker Cuts, Cheese & Crackers and Cheese Sticks are perfect for eating straight from the packet.

Mainland Special Reserve

Mainland Special Reserve combines the purest ingredients from New Zealand and the craftsmanship, passion and experience of our cheese makers. Same great quality and taste but Mainland Special Reserve now has a new look. So next time you are in the supermarket keep an eye out for the new black ribbon and Mainland Special Reserve on pack.