Follow one of our easy to make guides for a Cheeseboard to match your next occasion

Take any Cheeseboard to the next level with these simple styling tips

Reach High

Break a block to show it’s crumbly texture, then sit it on its side to add height to your board.


Guide your guests and pre-cut a wholesome wedge from your brie. Always cut your round cheese from the rind.

Craft & Texture

Swap out cutting with a knife for breaking with your hands for a textured and crafted finish. Works best with Tasty or Noble Cheddar.

Hero Tasty

Our iconic Tasty has been aged for 18 months. Break a 1kg block into generous wedges and hero this award-winning cheese as the centerpiece of your cheeseboard.

Thinly Slice

Thinly slice a few layers off a block using a peeler. Stack the slices, ready to pile onto a cracker.

Bite Size

Break a block into bite size pieces and place in a relaxed heap on your cheeseboard. Looks great and is perfect to pop straight into your mouth.


Dive into the blue. Smudge the edge of the wedge and spread some over a cracker, ready to eat.

Stack & Crumble

Stack crumbled cheese to add depth your cheeseboard. Sprinkle crumbs over the board for a handcrafted feel.