Health Star Rating



Per 100g
Energy 3070 kJ
Protein Less than 1g
Fat, total 82.4g
- Saturated 49.6g
Carbohydrate Less than 1g
-Sugars Less than 1g
Sodium 200mg
Potassium 22mg


  • Cream (From Milk)
  • Salt
  • Milk Fat 80% minimum

Reduced Salt Buttersoft

100% pure New Zealand butter - the taste we all know and love! Butter is a fantastically versatile ingredient for baking and cooking, and is at its best when spread over hot bread or vegetables.

Our Reduced Salt Buttersoft Butter is triple churned so it spreads straight from the fridge with nothing added, just a little salt. 

Tasting notes

Butter has a variety of flavours; cultured butter has a rich flavour, whereas other butters can have a creamy, lighter flavour. When melted, butter can develop a nutty taste, it can also add depth to the flavour of a dish.

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