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Health Star Rating



Creamy Feta
PER 100G
Energy 890kJ
Protein 15.0g
Fat, Total 16.0g
-Saturated 9.2g
Carbohydrate 2.5g
-Sugars 1.4g
Sodium 1400mg
Creamy Feta
  • Pasteurised Cow's milk
  • Salt
  • Cultures
  • Enzyme (Non-Animal Rennet).

Mainland Creamy Feta Cheese

An extremely popular cheese, our Mainland Creamy Feta cheese has a smooth creamy texture matched with a strong savoury flavour. A welcome addition to so many recipes. Now try our snack-sized, Creamy Feta portions, individually wrapped for your convenience.

Tasting notes

Moist and salty with a satisfying savoury flavour and pleasantly acidic mouth feel.

Making the Most of Mainland Creamy Feta Cheese

With its smooth and firm texture Mainland Creamy Feta is perfect when you desire a creamier cheese with a lot of flavour. The ideal ingredient for a feta cheese tart or vegetable quiche. Use it to sprinkle over a pizza with spinach and olives or add as a garnish to a hot bowl of pumpkin soup. Cube it through a greek salad and wrap it up when you’re having homemade kebabs. Available in 200g block

How Creamy Feta is crafted

Pasteurised and pre-ripened farm fresh milk is combined with selected starter cultures to achieve the fresh piquant taste of a creamy feta. It’s stored in brine to keep it fresh so it arrives ready to eat and enjoy.

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